26. 11. 2012 Juraj Jakubisko to be the main VIP guest at the International Film Festival in Gijón, Spain (Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón)

The new book on Juraj Jakubisko, author: Jesús Palacios

Juraj Jakubisko to be the main VIP guest at the International Film Festival in Gijón, Spain (Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón)


Spanish film journalists, publicists and critics are holding an event whose purpose is to draw attention to the best moviemaking, offer their critical view of international cinematography, and last but not least, highlight ambitious film projects.

On 21 November 2012, Juraj Jakubisko flew to the north of Spain, where a retrospective of his films is taking place at the Gijón International Film Festival. At the gala closing event of the 50th anniversary of this festival, he will receive an award for his outstanding achievements in the field of cinematography and lifetime artistic contribution to global filmmaking.

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5. 10. 2012 JURAJ JAKUBISKO The virtues of excess

Few movie makers are as important to their country as Juraj Jakubisko, the most popular Slovakian director since the sixties. An exceptional witness of the events of his homeland, Jakubisko's peculiar view of reality creates an unconventional, poetic mix of magic, humour and mystery, a universe in which the grotesque and the sublime, the divine and the human co-exist in a baroque delirium. FICX celebrates the work of a master of European cinema with the first retrospective devoted to Juraj Jakubisko in Spain.

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Czech and Slovak Blockbuster Bathory Continues International Success

Juraj Jakubisko's Czech and Slovak production Bathory continues its winning streak both commercially and on the festival circuit. Bathory was awarded the top prizes at Houston Worldfest which took place 8-17 April 2011. Bathory won the REMI Special Jury Award which is the highest prize awarded by the festival as well as a Gold REMI Award for Best Art Direction.

In the UK the film became one of the only Czech and Slovak productions to ever hit the top 20 on a local mass market release. Jezz Vernon, head of distribution at the London based Metrodome Group who released Bathory in the Uk said that the film's performance was unique. Bathory was released on 7 March 2011 on DVD and was racked by supermarket giants ASDA and Sainsburys as well as HMV. The film hit number 17 on the Sainsbury top sellers charts that week.

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Bathory Is A Smash Hit Houston

The movie returns to Prague crowned with prizes

Prague, April 20, 2011 – Top Slovak director Juraj Jakubisko’s Bathory was given WorldFest REMI Special Jury Award at Worldfest, the Houston-based international filmfestival that took place in April 8 – 17, 2011. This award is the highest prize awarded bythe festival and is above Gold and Platinum awards. On top of this remarkable award, Bathory also won Gold REMI Award for Best Art Direction. An official festival press release called the movie one of the “Best of Show” in all features.

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Succesful year 2010! 4 more awards for Bathory!

Although the award nominationperiod for the film Bathory is mainly over, it is still successful in 2010.

Bathory film was awarded the Slnko v Sieti awards, which is organized by the Slovak Film and Television Academy in the following categories:

  • "The best achievement in art direction" (George Jakubisko)
  • "Best costume design" (Jaroslav Pecharová)
  • "Best Actress in a Leading Role" (Anna Friel)

Bathory harvested success in international waters when it was awarded on the Monaco Film film with the award:

  • "The Best Artistic Achievement"

Jakubisko Film s.r.o.

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Variety review's July 7, 2008

Veteran Slovak helmer Juraj Jakubisko lets his imagination run wild in "Bathory," an unwieldy gothic fairy tale thattries to demystify the titular Hungarian countess famous for bathing in virgins' blood. Director's first Englishlanguagepic stars Anna Friel as the woman with the strange hygiene habits, but the British thesp is frequently eclipsed by Jakubisko's sheer visual magic. Campy asides, nudity and plentiful foreign accents will make this a hardsell as a straight forward Anglophone epic. Beyond Central Europe, exposure will be limited to festivals and thetube.

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Bathory at the AFI's 2008 European Union Film Showcase

Over 400 people attended BATHORY's two shows, including some audience members who had flown into town just for the occasion of BATHORY'S US premiere at the AFI festival. Attendance number putsBATHORY on par with festival stalwarts I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG, GOMORRAH and THE BAADERMEINHOFCOMPLEX at this year's EU Showcase.The Silver Theatre's enormous main theater was well-filled and palpably abuzz for each of the twoscreenings, both of which were followed by an expansive and lively Q&A session with director JurajJakubisko and his wife, actress-producer Deana Jakubiskova. The international flavor of the AFI eventwas on display, as many audience members chose to ask their questions in Slovak or served as theirown translators, asking the question first in Slovak then in English.Audience members at both shows enjoyed additional perks following the Q&A sessions, as the festivalorganizers invited the sizable audience to join the in-progress Closing Night party elsewhere in thebuilding. Sunday night's show was followed by an impromptu autograph session, Mr. Jakubiskograciously adorning a stack of the striking BATHORY posters with his flowing and distinctive signature.

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Bathory on a festival in Spanisch Sevilla

The newest film by Juraj Jakubisko, which was for the first time introduced to international audience inSeptember of this year at International festival of Fantastic Film in Swedish Lund, continues with otherpresentations – this time in Spanish Sevilla.

A Festival of European films – Festival de CINE EUROPEO DE SEVILLA is in period from 7th till 15th of November 2008.

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Bathory and Other Horrors continues in Bratislava

The exhibition of Juraj Jakubisko's paintings and graphics named 'Bathory and Other Horrors', which was opened in Bratislava's Presidential Palace on 13 October 2008 and was due to end on 30 October 2008, has been extended.

General public will be able to access the exhibition free of charge until 20 November 2008.

Jakubisko Film s.r.o.

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Bathory hits the road!

After its successful international premiere in Lund, Sweden, BATHORY is set for further destinations.

It will participate on Festival de cine Euro 2008 Seville, Spain.

The film’s premiere screenings outside the Continent – in Washington, D.C. to be precise – will take place at theWashington AFI FEST 2008 on 22 November 2008 at 9.45 pm and 23 November 2008 at 6.00 pm.

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Bathory and other horrors

On Monday 13 september an exhibition of Juraj Jakubisko’s paintings, named Bathory and other horrors,was opened at the Presidential palace in Bratislava.

Film director Juraj Jakubisko has appeared in public in a rather unique role. Instead of presenting one of his films,he has brought to diplay the other passion of his life which is painting. The exhibit consists of 14 paintings. While anumber of them relate directly to the subject of Countess Bathory and generally date back to the time of the shootingof Bathory, the remainder was inspired by themes found in Juraj Jakubisko’s home village of Kojšov in eastern Slovakia.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič and leading figures of Slovak culture.

The exhibition will remain open to general public until the end of October 2008.

Jakubisko Film s.r.o.

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First screening of Bathory outside the Czech and Slovak Republics

Juraj Jakubisko’s new feature Bathory was finally screened abroad – on the closing night of the FantasticFilm Fest in Lund, Sweden on 27 September 2008.

Juraj Jakubisko attended the festival as official guest of its organizers. The Lund festival is very specific in its focus on films that stimulate and shift the limits of human imagination. The bulk of the films parttaking in this festival are doing so in their Swedish premiere.

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Millionth viewer Bathory!

Juraj Jakubisko’s period epic has by now been seen by a million movie-goers! The figure includes over 700 thousand viewers in the Czech Republic and more than 300 thousand in Slovakia. Both countries combined have thus exceeded the magical one-million boundary. Two countries are in this case presented as one due to identical distributor and parallel respective premiere screenings of the film.

The symbolic millionth visitor was drawn last Monday 15 September prior to the Nový Smíchov Palace Cinemasevening screening in Prague. Other randomly chosen visitors of this festive screening were presenteda complimentary gift while the main winner was presented a personal gift from the film’s director Juraj Jakubisko and producer Deana Horvathova-Jakubiskova – a book about Bathory signed by all the makers and lead talent of the film and a graphic print by Juraj Jakubisko himself.

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05. 10. 2012

JURAJ JAKUBISKO, The virtues of excess

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