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Bathory at the AFI's 2008 European Union Film Showcase

Bathory at the AFI's 2008 European Union Film Showcase

Over 400 people attended BATHORY's two shows, including some audience members who had flown into town just for the occasion of BATHORY'S US premiere at the AFI festival. Attendance number putsBATHORY on par with festival stalwarts I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG, GOMORRAH and THE BAADERMEINHOFCOMPLEX at this year's EU Showcase.The Silver Theatre's enormous main theater was well-filled and palpably abuzz for each of the twoscreenings, both of which were followed by an expansive and lively Q&A session with director JurajJakubisko and his wife, actress-producer Deana Jakubiskova. The international flavor of the AFI eventwas on display, as many audience members chose to ask their questions in Slovak or served as theirown translators, asking the question first in Slovak then in English.Audience members at both shows enjoyed additional perks following the Q&A sessions, as the festivalorganizers invited the sizable audience to join the in-progress Closing Night party elsewhere in thebuilding. Sunday night's show was followed by an impromptu autograph session, Mr. Jakubiskograciously adorning a stack of the striking BATHORY posters with his flowing and distinctive signature.





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