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See you in hell my friends, 1970/1990

See you in hell my friends, 1970/1990


This bizarre story is full of surrealistic symbols, polemic about God, equity, catastrophic visions, and fear and panic from the bloody path of man and human history. Human society is trying to escape the “red ark “of totalitarianism, searching for salvation in the creation of an imaginary family. Beautiful Rita and her partner Petras, together with the old Colonel and the kidnapped baby, are trying to create a society outside of the real world. The fingers of fanatic dogmatists and their “equity ” (then it was the communist totalitarianism and now it ’s Bin Laden ’s terrorism) find them, yet there is a hope at the end of the film. With the fall of the wall around the “ark “the free world opens up for the main characters and others as well.

J. Jakubisko.: “This film belongs in the Guinness Book of World Records. I began shooting it during the Prague Spring in 1968, but the communist censorship stopped it right before it was finished. I was only allowed to finish it 22 years later! During the shooting I was more and more sure of the fact that this film will be unacceptable for the censors. Therefore I focused on the aesthetics of storytelling, using symbols and double meanings. I didn’t know that in fact it wouldn’t be censors deciding about this film, but instead the political powers. In this period of realization the circle was drawing tighter not only around me but also around the whole Czechoslovak art community. “See You in Hell, My Friends!” was the last sentence for friends and the whole intelligentsia, the scream of the hopeless who felt the freedom of the world was over forever.”

1 hour 20 minutes / Color
Shot in 1970, finished in 1990
Premiere screening: November 1990
Produced by: Slovenská filmová tvorba, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia / Stella Telecinomatografica, Rome, Italy





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