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Freckled max and the spooks, 1987

Freckled max and the spooks, 1987


Countess von Frankenstein is coming to mend the destruction caused by her nephew, who tried to create an artificial human being. Not only is the castle in ruins, but there are also many spooks there -a merman, a white lady ghost, a cursed servant, a fiery man, an unhappy werewolf (who likes people),and noble count Dracula. She also finds a poor hidden orphan, freckled Max, who ran away from a group of comedians. His honesty, spontaneous behavior and inventiveness bring all the castle inhabitants together and solve the emotional problems that have been going on for a year. All the spooks, influenced by love, become human beings at the end.

J. Jakubisko: “This seven country co-production was a challenge for me. The producers’ wish was to see spooks from every single culture so it would be familiar for children around the world. So we found ourselves in Babylon during the production - many languages, many spooks”

1 hour 36 min / color
Film was edited from a 13 -episode TV series.

Premiere screening: September 1987
Produced by: Slovenská filmová tvorba, Czechoslovak TV, Czechoslovakia / Taurus Film Munich, West Germany





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