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A rosy story, 1990

A rosy story, 1990


A musical version of The Sleeping Beauty full of modern musical scenes combined with dream sequences from fairytale visions. Little Darinka, whose mother died, is growing up at her grandma’s in Prague. Her grandmother reads her favorite fairytale The Sleeping Beauty to her every night. Surrounded by her father ’s love, and the love of her Uncle Leonard (an unknown musician and stoker in the theater) she has a beautiful childhood. Uncle Leonard finds a great musical talent in her and wants her to be a singer. Unfortunately she becomes very ill with hemophilia. The hopeless reality mixes with the visions from her favorite fairytale from childhood. The girl has to learn how to live with the illness, not to give up and also cultivate her talent…

J. Jakubisko: “The music is second only to the image as the most important part of film for me. The reason why I picked this topic was just a question of natural development. Magical realism is combined with the real world of the fairytale fiction. I made my mind up, wrote it and directed the story that makes this principle alive. With this musical fairytale I tried to touch the teenage generation - the age in which magical realism is part of life.”

1 hour 33 min / color
Premiere screening: 1990
Produced by: Czechoslovak TV, Czechoslovakia / TV 2000 Wiesbaden, West Germany





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