Originally planned as a TV comedy, this turned into a capricious film that takes place in the middle of a picturesque forest. A group of forest workers, all middle aged men, fall in love with young girls who come there to work during the summer break. The men try to flirt with the girls until one of them announces that she is pregnant. They are punished by their wives, who come there as well. The film has a happy ending.

J. Jakubisko: “In the time when the topics I was interested in were forbidden, I made a comedy. It was a curiosity because I preferred tragi-comedy with emphasis on the black key before. If I didn’t try it here I don ‘t think that the burlesque scene of the Pichanda ’s funeral from The Millennial Bee would have ever been done.”

1 hour 48 mm /Color
Premiere screening: August 7th 1981
Produced by: Slovak Television, Czechoslovakia