Cinema (magazine)

The main and most important parts of any movie are camera and music and this pays double so much for Wild Flowers for F. A. Brabec as lighting cameraman (Český lev for Jízda and King Ubu) and Jan Jirásek (Český lev for An Ambiguous Report of the End of the World). The camera is tremendous and overwhelming, especially in Waterman, when all the scenes were really shot in and under the water.

MF Dnes (news)

Wild Flowers is amazing in its style. The seven dying out candles - symbols of seven chosen ballads, seasons, the colours and acting as well as styles. It is a sort of a catalogue of film crafts. It is not a simple monolit - even the first verses “A mother died and she was burried…” sounds surprisingly as a sung prologue. Erben´s verses are a part of the Czech national consciousness as well as jokes of Good Soldier Švejk or arias from The Bartered Bride. Almost everybody knows them, but hardly anybody realises the depth of their wisdom.

Právo (news), December 8, Prague

Beautiful and lovely pictures are contrasting the tragic and horror drama of the stories. Composer Jan Jirásek was a great collaborator, who composed music that emphasises the picture perfectly.

Haló noviny (news)

F. A. Brabec was thinking about making Wild Flowers a movie for quite a long time. However no producer considered this theme attractive enough - till a slovak actress and producer Deana Jakubisková - Horváthová took the risk and even participated in the screenplay.

Květy (magazine)

When Karel Jaromír Erben was writing his Wild Flowers he would never dream about the fact that the people of 21st century would be inspired by his work. Despite Wild Flowers mean something different for different people, it may be considered a horror which cannot be comprehended, someone feels inspired by it, others feel like coming back to school and reading it, everybody knows it and making it a movie requires a lot of courage, indeed.