People get into a strange state of mind after orgasm. They laugh at things which they would have killed for moments before and say things they normally wouldn’t say …

The nine characters in our film experience this many times due to the mathematic result of four men times five women. This then occurs exactly twenty times. A sequence of mini episodes arises which run into a single tale of love, conspirational relationships and sex.

The entire plot revolves around the schemes of an ambitious manager’s personal assistant Sabrina (Eva Elsnerová), who feels that the alarm is ringing on her biological clock. She therefore decides to marry her boss, Zikmund (Jiří Langmajer). This sets off an avalanche of events which gradually engulfs all the players in the story, starting with Zikmund’s artless partner, Viola (Beata Greneche) and the pleasure seeking, ageing hippy and photographer, Bakchus (Franco Nero), through to the naive Jarouška (Mira Nosek) and his wife, the barmaid Messalina (Mahulena Bočanová), on to the confused virgin Kristyna (Lucie Vondráčková), the cynical medical student and part-time prostitute - Kleopatra (Sandra Pogodová) and surprisingly the apparently indestructible bohéme and rocker Adam (Richard Krajčo).

In their various combinations our heroes hop in and out of the beds which will affect their lives in ways which they never could have believed. The nine different characters and their various needs and desires unleash onto the screen a story which initially seems like a comic farce, but which gradually runs chills down ones spine. The viewer both loves and hates them at the same time as everyone can find a moment in the film in which they recognise themselves.
Do you want love at all costs? Then pay! The bill can be quite surprising …