A magical and realistic vision of an unbalanced world takes place in a village in the mountains at the end of the world - at an unknown time. The village in a picturesque setting is a metaphor for the world and humanity at the rise of the 3rd millennium. During the 25 years when the story takes place, we can see change over several generations and various symbols of different civilizations, church and culture. The main motif of the film is the love between Verona and Goran. Their passionate relationship is so different from any other and so they have to be punished in the name of so-called morality and equality. By following them, the village people are trying to hide their transgressions against nature and themselves. Patriarchal rituals are in conflict with a civilization without God and equality. Nature punishes them with earthquakes. The houses of all the guilty people are destroyed. Wolves are a symbol of danger. But aren ‘t people the same as wolves?

J.Jakubisko: “Apart from Nostradamus and the visions of the future you can hear my own worries about mankind in this absurdity. There are hidden parts in every single person and when they wake up it’s hatred and violence that accompany people from the birth. The prayer of my actors at the end is also my prayer. I only hope that recognition and humility won’t come after the tragedy as Nostradamus said. Somewhere in death there is something hidden that keeps my curiosity alive, perhaps human energy, God, faith in accordance with modern thinking and fear about man’s future.”

2 hours 38 minutes / Color
Premiere screening: 1997
4 and 6 episode TV series: 1999
Produced by: J&J JAKUBISKO FILM / Czech television, Czech Republic