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Birds, orphans and fools, 1969

Birds, orphans and fools, 1969


This film reflects the hectic period of the Prague Spring and the Soviet invasion that followed in the summer of 1968.Three young people, orphans Yorick, Andrej and Marta, are in a cynical and hopeless world of violence and disillusionment. They survive thanks only to their own foolishness - trying to play at freedom in a country that is not free, using an inner philosophy of joy and love. They live, play, love, hate…and die.

J.Jakubisko: “Foolish games and death are cruel. Maybe too cruel. When I shot my fiction in 1968 there were people lying on the sidewalks. They didn’t have to fake death…”

1 hour 18 minutes / Color
Premiere screening: September 27th 1969 (Sorrento)
Produced by: Slovenská filmová tvorba, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia / Como Film Paris, France





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