A historic mega-film, one family saga, three generations (1887 -1917) assimilated to the bee community in the hive. The queen bee serves as a big mother that symbolizes the family and national roots, the power and meaning of tradition and the return to it. The mosaic of the bricklaying Pichanda family’s lives is made of love, hope, hard work, human understanding and also the tragedies of economic crisis, war and human malice. Dreams, symbols, and life in all its forms create a colored rainbow spanning from birth to death and from mystery to reality and back.

J. Jakubisko: “After many years, this topic comes back to the landscape of my childhood, nature and its magic. It ’s my magic-romantic view from a child ’s perspective of all the historic events of our fathers’ and our grandfathers’ generations. This production has been my biggest project in terms of the size of the cast and the length of the film. War and crowd scenes, fires, flights of bats, a meteor crash, and ball lightning. However, none of that was as difficult to direct as the bees.”

2 hours 50 minutes / Color
Premiere screening: 5. listopadu 1983
Produced by: Slovenská filmová tvorba, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia / Beta Film Munich, West Germany