A fairy tale not only for children about Jacob, who through his courage, manages to trick death. The film plays with Man ’s never-ending desire for happiness, love and victory over death. Mrs. Winter, The Feather Fairy, rules the world and also, being so open hearted, raises little Jacob, who almost died in an avalanche. Life in the fairytale is perfect, the little boy is immortal, he doesn’t get older, and he has everything. Even though his life is perfect he watches human life through a looking glass. He sees a young girl Alžbětka growing into a young lady, and he desires to be a normal person and live with his love. J. Jakubisko: “What you do now with the special digital effects we did without them. My friend Federico Fellini persuaded Guilietta Massina to be the Feather Fairy and she brought a spark and lightness to the story.”

1 hour 43 minutes / Color
Premiere screening: November 1st 1985
Produced by: Slovenská filmová tvorba, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia / Omnia Film, Munich, West Germany