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BATHORY Exclusive Collection of Glass Ornaments

We bring you a set of luxury glass Christmas ornaments, BATHORY collection.

Developed with Glassor s.r.o.

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Retart & Juraj Jakubisko

We bring you a special edition of Retart wallets that display serigraphic artwork of a living legend, prominent Slovak director, Juraj Jakubisko. This project is developed with an independent label from Slovakia that presents contemporary visual artists and their artworks through functional products.


Retart merges visual art with original products of daily use and thus makes it accessible not only for gallery visitors, but for everyone. This way he tries to make art accessible for everyone and contribute to its spreading and understanding. It is not the intention of Retart to originate mass production. He pays attention to the individual asset of every artist he cooperates with. We believe every product has its own story and its own soul.


You can buy the wallet here. http://www.retart.sk/wallet/juraj-jakubisko

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Welcome to

Jakubisko Film Slovakia s.r.o. and Jakubisko Film s.r.o. were founded in 1992 by Deana Jakubiskova as the CEO and Juraj Jakubisko as the Art Director. Jakubisko Film specializes in unique film and TV production which combines the artistic type of movies with the visiting numbers of blockbusters. To date, Jakubisko Film has produced four full-length feature films from which two became blockbusters in Czech & Slovak Republic, seven documentaries and two TV series. Attesting to the quality of its productions, Jakubisko Film projects have been awarded many international prizes around the world on the main, prestigious festivals. The last project of the company – the Historical Drama ”BATHORY” became a blockbuster and broke all records on the domestic markets. After the huge success of the film Bathory, Jakubisko Film evolved into a producer, that is able to bring the most interesting historical events to the screen with the unique characterization that has marked all Jakubisko Film projects. A sensibility that combines magical storytelling and historical honesty at the same time. No one else is better equipped to bring these elements to the screen than veteran helmer Juraj Jakubisko – the master of magical realism.


JURAJ JAKUBISKO, The virtues of excess

05. 10. 2012

Few movie makers are as important to their country as Juraj Jakubisko, the most popular Slovakian director since the sixties. An exceptional witness of the events of his homeland, Jakubisko's peculiar view of reality creates an unconventional, poetic mix of magic, humour and mystery, a universe in which the grotesque and the sublime, the divine and the human co-exist in a baroque delirium. FICX celebrates the work of a master of European cinema with the first retrospective devoted to Juraj Jakubisko in Spain.

taken from http://en.fic.gijon.es/noticias/show/17272-juraj-jakubisko-the-virtues-of-excess

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